FlightScope Mevo+ Plus Launch Monitor Review

I love golf, but I don’t get the chance to practice or play nearly as much as I’d like to. The nearest driving range is 15 minutes from my house and with two small children, time is at a premium. My wife and children also love golf and trips to the driving range can quickly become a lot less manageable compared to hitting a bucket solo.

My home golf obsession started with a backyard chipping and pitching area, grew to an indoor Exputt simulator setup, and I finally decided that we absolutely needed a proper simulator and launch monitor. I wanted to have an outdoor setup and after comparing the FlightScope Mevo+ to the SkyTrack, I decided that the Mevo+ would be the best choice for our needs.

Ordering, Shipping, Warranty, and Return Policy

Before ordering I reached out to GungHo Golf, who was very responsive to questions about my planned outdoor setup and in-stock availability of the unit. They confirmed that my setup was reasonable and that unit was in-stock. I was ready to go.

The total price of the unit is $1999.99 and included free shipping and tax in the price. One thing that gave me pause before ordering was that even if the order was cancelled before being shipped, GungHo Golf would keep the 2.9% processing fee after the payment was refunded. I had no intention of cancelling my order, but this still was somewhat unnerving.

There is a 1 year hardware warranty on manufacturer defects, which is great. However, the return policy leaves something to be desired. There is a 14-day return window along with a 15% restocking fee from FlightScope.

After a quick check in with my wife to confirm that I wasn’t taking our home golf setup too far, I placed my order and 4 days later the Mevo+ arrived at our doorstep via UPS.

Unboxing and Packaging

My initial thoughts when opening the package were that it is very nicely nice packaged and shrink wrapped. The FS Golf app QR code is conveniently placed on the back of package. The Mevo+ box has a magnetic box cover, which is a nice touch.

The carrying case is beautiful and has a loop with carabiner included. The zipper is a nice touch. To make things even better, the Mevo+ unit was fully charged out of the box and ready to go.

I quickly labeled the charger and cable to make sure that there is absolutely no confusion about which device it belongs to. I’ve heard nightmare stories of unit malfunctions resulting from the use of alternate charging cords.

Physical Setup

During quarantine lockdowns of 2020, I created a backyard short game area complete with a hitting mat, hole and flag 30 yards away. Since I already had the mat and net, which doubles a kids soccer and t-ball practice net, the only thing needed was a launch monitor.

My current setup features a mat in my carport with the Mevo+ unit 8’2” directly back from the ball and a 10’ by 7’ golf net approximately 9 feet in front of the ball. I quickly made a small makeshift wood platform (12.5” length x 5.5” width x 1.5” inches height) to raise the device to the level of the hitting mat. As far as I can tell everything works perfectly. Wedge shots can sometimes get a little dicey, which I discovered when I sent a perfectly on target 56 degree wedge shot soaring over the net and into the wooded area behind my house.

FS Golf and E6 Connect Software

Setup was a breeze. While researching the Mevo+ I ran across a great video by Scott Hogan who provides a great walkthrough of the initial unboxing, software setup, and settings for FS Golf and E6 Connect apps.

FS Golf – Setup was easy, including account signup, distance settings, and and device alignment. The app simply works and is mostly self explanatory. The only mishits that I recall having were from the device going to sleep in between shots to conserve battery life. The sleep settings can be adjusted within the app.

E6 Connect – Setup was a bit more painful for E6 Connect. I created an account using a laptop and entered the product key that was included with the Mevo+. I then tried to login to the iPad app and ran into some difficulty with the password screen and was given an error about the license binding. I was finally able to login and everything seemed to work correctly. The app setup and license binding didn’t feel as polished as it should have, but once I was able to navigate the initial setup and change the necessary settings everything worked as it should.

Playing a full course is a lot of fun. The E6 Connect app includes 5 full 18 hole courses, a number of driving range areas, and varied chipping and putting areas.

Cons and Drawbacks

This is not a necessarily a con of the unit, but more of a consideration in my specific use case. Since the unit uses radar to track ball flight, a relatively large area is required for everything to operate correctly. This can get a little tricky with limited outdoor space, especially the net. It turns out my net is a too short and too far away to properly make some wedge shots. I’ll need to find a solution to this as time goes on.


  • I have not tested the Mevo+ indoors.
  • I use an iPad and have not tested with a PC or Mac.
  • I have not used the Mevo+ with a projector.
  • I have not fully tested wedge shots due to distance and height of my net.
  • I do not putt due to the outdoor setup limitations. This is not a big deal for me since I didn’t buy it for putting. I have an indoor Exputt setup for home putting sessions.
  • I haven’t fully tested battery life. Practice sessions have lasted no longer 45 minutes.

Overall Thoughts and Conclusions

I am extremely pleased with my purchase and the unit is well worth the investment. I would certainly purchase from GungHo Golf again. The Mevo+ and FS Golf app have been great for short range sessions and daily practice. With the included E6 Connect app the FlightScope Mevo+ offers a tremendous value to anyone who loves golf and wants to play at home.

We’ve made significant time savings from traveling to back and forth to the driving range and have been able to practice during the day whenever we have a few free moments. The results of regular practice can already be seen in our on actual on course rounds.